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The LANAP® Procedure

Our practice is committed to give you the best service possible with the latest techniques and the most workable procedures.

We are therefore pleased to introduce the LANAP® Procedure, an amazing breakthrough in periodontal treatments. If you have been told you need scalpel and suture gum surgery, there’s a laser alternative you need to learn about.

If you’re like 100 million other Americans, you could be one of 50% of Americans who have periodontal disease, the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Periodontal disease starts off as plaque, an opaque film which eventually hardens, forming tartar or calculus.

Calculus deposits harbor bacteria which infect the gums. In early stages, this is called Gingivitis, characterized by red, swollen gums that bleed when you brush your teeth. Many people experience bad breath and an unpleasant taste in their mouths as well. Unchecked, Gingivitis progresses to Periodontitis, a much more serious form of the disease where periodontal pockets are formed, separating teeth from the gums and supporting bone structure. Without treatment, infection becomes severe and the pockets deepen, resulting in tooth loss.

The way to repair the damage is to get rid of the infection and close up the pockets. Until now, that meant surgery and sutures. But today, Dr. G offers the LANAP® Protocol, a patient-friendly, minimally-invasive procedure that’s a great improvement over standard gum surgery.

In most cases, Dr. G will schedule a consultation to explain how the laser works and give you a demonstration. Next, Dr. G will take X-rays to make definitive diagnosis and determine the extent of the infection. When you return for your first LANAP® Procedure treatment, you’ll receive a local anesthetic to eliminate any possible discomfort. A general anesthetic isn’t necessary, because the LANAP® Procedure is much less traumatic.

Why is the LANAP® Procedure Better?

      • The LANAP® Procedure is about as easy as erasing a blackboard — there’s no cutting and no suturing.
      • There’s much less discomfort with the LANAP® Protocol than with standard surgery — during and after the procedure.
      • It takes less time than traditional surgery. All it takes is two 2-hour visits to our office and two follow up visits. Traditional surgery requires four sessions of about one hour each, with subsequent visits for suture removal and additional check-ups.
      • LANAP® gives better, longer-lasting results. In fact, 98% of LANAP® treated patients remain stable after five years.
      • There’s less than 24 hour recovery period, so you won’t lose time from work.
      • The LANAP® Procedure is safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or those taking medications such as Plavix or aspirin.

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The Alternative to Gum Grafting, The Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ Technique!

How Common Are Receding Gums?

Dr. Gashinsky estimates about 50% of the population has some form of gum recession. This condition is present when the gum and the bone that supports the teeth migrate down the roots exposing them.

This can affect anyone from teens to the elderly. The root exposure created by receding gums is the main cause of tooth sensitivity and a major cause for root decay.

For years the conventional way to treat this was to perform grafting surgery, as shown in the video above, by taking tissue from your palate or using artificial tissue and sewing it over the roots. This is usually painful and sometimes unpredictable.

Dr. Gashinsky is one of a select few doctors in the United States that can perform this virtually painless alternative to gum grafting, The Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, eliminating the need for painful and debilitating surgery.

Dr.Gashinsky is very excited to be able to offer the alternative to gum grafting, The Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation. This procedure allows Dr. G to gently lift the gum tissue through a small pinhole which he then drapes over the exposed roots. . He then places collagen through the pinhole to secure the gums in place.

Over time your body replaces the collagen with your own which allows you to have a secure zone of gum tissue. Dr. G now can restore the gum line to its natural position with a “gum lift” thus ELIMINATING sensitivity and IMPROVING appearance. The results are immediate and patients are elated.

Questions About the Pinhole Technique? Ask Dr. Gashinsky!

Periodontal Treatment

If you have any of the following symptoms, you may have Periodontal Disease:

          • Bad breath that you can’t get rid of
          • Red or swollen gums
          • Tender or bleeding gums
          • Painful chewing
          • Loose teeth

Any of these symptoms may signal the presence of gum disease, which should be checked by Dr. Gashinsky.

How Periodontal Disease Treatment Works

Gum disease is very prevalent today, affecting almost 90% of the population at some point in their lives. Gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis (inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth that can cause deep tooth and bone loss) are caused by bacterial plaque (germs on the teeth). Also, preliminary research has linked periodontal disease to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and it has also been linked to pancreatic cancer.


Holistic Dental Care

Dr. Gashinsky incorporates the newest technologies and techniques to bring state-of-the-art care to his patients. He believes that patient comfort is an essential part of quality dental care, all the while maintaining a holistic approach to all of his patients.

It is important for you to understand that plaque and tartar are not the cause of periodontal disease. It is the pathogens/bacteria found in the fluid inside the natural pockets your gums form around your individual teeth. These pathogens are intolerant to oxygen and unlike normal flora, they are motile. Periodontal disease is a long-term chronic degenerative disease.

Listed below is how we manage and treat periodontal disease.

1. Microscopic Diagnosis – a sample of the fluid in the infection site/sites is taken and prepared on a slide, then analyzed. Once the type of bacteria is analyzed and identified, a homecare protocol will be custom tailored to your needs to follow in between your treatment appointments.

2. Bacterial reduction – primarily focuses on disrupting the bio film above and 1mm below the gum line in order to boost your immune by your body sending all the necessary fighting cells to the site to start fighting off the infection once perio and laser therapy is initiated. We utilize three distinct irrigation systems throughout your periodontal therapy.

The first irrigation system we use is an Iodine solution to flush out the gums before we introduce any of our hand instruments. This prevents us from pushing bacteria further down in to the pocket. Now, this is the same iodine that is used during surgical procedures to disinfect the surgical site.

The second irrigation system we use includes a canister filled with ozonated water. Basically, we fill this canister up with distilled water and then load it up with Ozone. Now, ozone is an energized form of Oxygen. This energized form of oxygen induces reactions that include better blood flow, an enhanced immune response, and a more rapid healing response. Throughout your cleaning process, we are constantly flushing out your gums, your mouth with this ozonated water.

The third irrigation system includes another canister filled with distilled water. But in this canister we add 14 different organic herbs and the supplement CoQ10. The herbs, just to list a few include rosemary, oregano, lavender, and peppermint. These herbs promote cell vitality and the CoQ10 helps tighten the gums.

3. Homecare protocol before Perio and Laser therapy is initiated – custom tailored recipes of natural and holistic remedies will be given to you to either apply topically or to rinse with on a daily basis. These remedies help create a more alkaline environment not only in your mouth, but also in your entire system.

4. Laser therapy – Have you been told that you have gum disease?

With soft tissue laser therapy, Dr. Gashinsky will use a tiny beam of laser energy to treat your moderate to severe gum disease. The laser light gently removes harmful bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum pocket. Soft tissue laser therapy is faster—less expensive—and less invasive than surgery. We can treat gum disease without the cutting and stitching involved with traditional gum surgery. Since there is no incision and no stitches, you can quickly return to your natural routine.  Plus, your body heals naturally so that the gum pockets improve and your teeth become more stable.

5. Six Week Follow-Up Appointment – A new slide is prepared and analyzed. Updated probing depth measurements are recorded. And full mouth cleaning is performed. At this time, we will notify you if the treatment was overall successful and if we need to modify the herbal remedies that we have recommended.

6. Schedule 3 month recall appointments to maintain.

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