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Holistic Care

What Makes Dental Care Holistic?


Holistic dental care stands a notch above traditional dental care, in that all materials and many procedures consist of using completely natural materials (no harmful chemicals) and taking the body as a whole into consideration during dental treatment. For example, our iodine irrigation system helps prevent the introduction of harmful bacteria into the mouth. Instead of plain water, use essential oils and ozonate the water which allows for an enhanced immune response.

We use low radiation digital x-rays which is extremely important for your health, we do NOT use fluoride and we do not EVER use amalgam (silver) for your fillings but an environmentally and healthy porcelain alternative. We remove existing amalgam fillings according to the strict IAOMT protocols for amalgam removal – thereby protecting you, our staff and the environment.

The Meridian Tooth Chart

The Meridian Tooth Chart shows you how each tooth is connected to one or more specific organs in your body. Therefore, to keep teeth clean, healthy and strong also means a marked improvement of the organ functions in your body. Holistic dental care is based on this fact, and ensures that whatever is done with your teeth, does not negatively affect the connected organs but in fact improves their functions at the same time.

That’s why you want a holistic dentist!

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