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Holistic Teeth Cleaning

Holistic teeth cleaning at our practice is unlike any cleanings you’ve ever had before.


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Our holistic approach to teeth cleanings addresses not only your oral health, but also the health of your body.  Because of this we have set the bar to a much higher standard.  Every cleaning includes a periodontal and oral cancer screening and a Comprehensive Dental Exam.  We also use digital x-rays which is 90% less radiation than conventional ones.

How are our cleanings different?

First a sample of your plaque is taken from your mouth and placed on a microscopic slide. Together we will look at this slide under a state of the art microscope to be sure that only healthy bacteria lives in your mouth.  If not, we will determine the best treatment to return your mouth to health.

Next we irrigate your mouth with an iodine solution to disinfect your mouth to prevent any toxins or by-products of the living bacteria from being introduced into the bloodstream during your cleaning. This iodine is the same that is found in table salt and is very safe and effective.Holistic Dentistry

Now we use a dedicated canister of distilled Ozonated water that is made fresh daily in our office. This water is used through an ultrasonic unit that removes all debris from your teeth. This supercharged ozonated water reduces bad bacteria and enhances the immune response of your gums since the oxygen gets to your red blood cells through the gum tissue.

We have now hand scaled after the Ozonated water, now we use an Herbal solution of 14 herbs to fully irrigate around the gum pockets. Some of these herbs are Wild Oregano, Rosemary, Peppermint and the like which aid in bacterial removal, healing and soothing of the gum tissues, and toning since it also includes supplements like CoQ10 and folic acid.

Lastly we polish your teeth to remove any staining with a paste with NO flavorings, NO dyes, NO chemicals and NO fluoride. As a finishing touch we floss your teeth and you rinse with a soothing herbal rinse.

Our goal is to give you a spa-like experience that you’ve never had before!

If you’re looking for the best that dentistry has to offer, call and we’ll schedule your Holistic Teeth Cleaning for you and your family.